About Sky

Artist, Photographer, Designer, Writer, Actor, Director, Entertainer, Wanderer, Explorer, World Traveler, Entrepreneur, People Person, Animal Lover, Realist, Romantic, Poet, Humorist, Student, Teacher, Counselor, International Man of Mystery, Yak Dairy Farmer, Raconteur, Sportsman...?

The above list is just labels, things that people might like to be, claim to be or are said to be. I am not of the “Me Generation.” It makes me uncomfortable to make such claims or to even write about myself, so, I will leave it up to you to decide from my photographs and from what I have written, just which labels you think apply.

I can say with all certainty that whether creating a photograph, a paragraph or a laugh, my creative endeavors are what bring me the most fulfillment and satisfaction in life. They are an existential necessity. The creative process and result are always a joyous miracle, one that I hope will transport the viewer or reader to a special place within.

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